12.15.2020 Ahumbahumbahumba -Elvis

Everyone has a sad story to tell about this year. A vacation you’d been looking forward to that never got to happen. An accomplishment you were on your way to completing and now you’ll never know if you could have done it. A fun event you had planned that you had to move to zoom. Lame! So many small gatherings you had to also move to zoom — if you found the motivation to move them at all.

There are 300 thousand Americans who are not able to tell their really sad story about this year.

I’m waking up each…

11.3.2020 Now what?

No really.
I’m asking you. Now what?

Our last ride

We returned home on Sunday afternoon after staying with friends to celebrate Halloween covid-style. I’m glad our kids are too old to trick-or-treat. Deciding whether to let kids trick-or-treat was one choice I was thankful I didn’t to have to make!
I hate those trunk-or-treat events or Harvest Festivals. Halloween is about trick-or-treating! End of discussion. You can pray over the candy or whatever, but don’t take away the best event of the kid-year!

10.26.2020 In which we our hero stares fate in the eyes

“Is that my hat?” — — — — “It’s time to shave your beard.”

Our journey back to the Sunshine State finds our hero facing his greatest challenge yet. Inside the walls of Taco Smurf hormones are raging. For the last few days there’ve been tears, yelling matches about doing dishes, and fights about who has the worst bed. And yet, expectations are high. His family members are ready to be home and they are so close to California they can smell the sales tax.

But outside the wind howls blowing in a cold front which has chilled the Arizona desert to 28 degrees overnight. …

10.24.2020 The last week of our RV trip

This HAS to better than sheltering in place. Right?

Last night our daughter was so annoyed with us, with everything. Her poor brother was the scapegoat. No matter what happened, she kept telling Zane to shut up. This went on all evening. She cried herself to sleep from the ridiculousness of this entire trip that she cannot wait to end. (Can you imagine being stuck in an RV with your parents and brother for months when you were 16? Ugh.)

Today we are at the Grand Canyon which is our last official destination in the Taco Smurf. Our trip is ending soon and, unlike my children, I am sad…

10.22.2020 Adopt a dog!

*not our RV

Marvin joins the family

10.20.2020 So many gorgeous pictures!

Driving through America

The drive from Denver to Bryson Canyon national park in Utah has been as breathtaking as driving through Yellowstone, and as varied.
Usually I take a picture whenever I feel something.
During this 3-day drive it seems like I felt something every time we turned a corner!

10.16.2020 Also 2 cute videos

Once we turned left out of Denver, our drive started going steadily up, up, up the Rocky Mountains. We had been around mountains all week, visiting the Gore family. A week with them put up in such good spirits! Here are 2, short video interviews with Nathalie (11) and Freddy (7) about our trip.

Turn up the volume or CC

We parked on the street in front of Cody and Crista’s house for a week. Their suburban neighborhood at the foot of the Garden of the Gods gave us a nice break from campgrounds. I loved seeing children riding…

10.7.2020 The rest of Wyoming is super boring.

There are fewer people living in Wyoming than in Alaska; 7 people per square mile. We saw hundreds of sheep in one field and that was pretty much the highlight. It’s a good thing they have Jackson Hole and 2 breathtaking national parks in the NW corner, otherwise America might vote Wyoming out of the union!
Americans like idealism and dreams. And the only idea I had was my dream to get to Colorado lickety-split! We drove through the state just as fast as we could.

We slept one night in the middle of nowhere because the North Platte River…

10.3.2020 Windy Wyoming

The Yellowstone River flows right beside Yellowstone’s Edge campground, one of our favorite RV parks so far.

Good Vibes

The last few days have been easy and pleasant in ol’ Taco Smurf. Everyone seems to be in a good place. My impression is we are getting on each other’s nerves less frequently. Even when there is room to spread out, I notice we congregate at the same table or in the same room. Interesting.

We watched a great movie together last night, “Enola Holmes” on Netflix. Usually we are reading or watching individually and not often. I started “Anna Karenina” which I’ve always wanted to read. (I only mention it here to brag. It’s like 2,000 pages long! Don’t…

9.28.2020 We’re in Montana

our view of a wildfire burning somewhere along Interstate 90

Driving through Montana will make you hungry. First of all there are grass-fed, free-roaming cows everywhere. (You know that meat would be delicious! We haven’t tried any yet, though.) And second, the glacier-formed hills are smooth, often tree-less, and piled up like mashed potatoes on a plate.

Speaking of hungry, I forgot to tell you about when we got an early start in Yellowstone one morning and started driving BEFORE breakfast. BAD IDEA, JEFF! I was trying to navigate him to a parking lot before it got crowded. After 2 u-turns and more back and forth about which lot would…

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I make a mean martini; am often reading; and usually thinking about my relationships, my teenagers and how I’m probably messing them up.

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