Finding humor in an old wound

6.7.21 Do you even karaoke, Bruh?

How did it feel? How does it feel?

12.15.2020 Ahumbahumbahumba -Elvis

11.3.2020 Now what?

Our last ride

10.26.2020 In which we our hero stares fate in the eyes

“Is that my hat?” — — — — “It’s time to shave your beard.”

10.24.2020 The last week of our RV trip

This HAS to better than sheltering in place. Right?

10.22.2020 Adopt a dog!

*not our RV

Marvin joins the family

10.20.2020 So many gorgeous pictures!

Driving through America

10.16.2020 Also 2 cute videos

Shannon Driskill

I make a mean martini; am often reading; and usually thinking about my relationships, my teenagers and how I’m probably messing them up.

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