Driving Through Utah to Bryce Canyon

Driving through America

The drive from Denver to Bryson Canyon national park in Utah has been as breathtaking as driving through Yellowstone, and as varied.
Usually I take a picture whenever I feel something.
During this 3-day drive it seems like I felt something every time we turned a corner!

Obligatory photo of Jeff with large fish in Eagle Creek outside Gypsum, CO

Jeff is 100% IN on this trip. His only complaint has been he misses talking to Mark, his brother-from-another-mother, everyday. Isn’t that so sweet?

— — — — — — — — — — —

When we started this journey Darla would shriek with surprise when we turned a corner or hit a bump and things shifted or fell. Now as we drive, when things clank and splat she calls out from her bed/dining bench, “I GOT IT!”

Glenwood Canyon, it’s like taking a train through Switzerland
only replace the green rolling hills with majestic rock formations.
There were tunnels, train tracks, a river. Amazing!
Fall color in Rifle, Colorado —
a tiny little town where we bought the wrong size fan clutch.
Most of these pictures were taken right out of my window while we were driving.

I found the ONE advantage to online learning. Jeff and I get to hear the teachers and our kids’ in-class responses.

Zane had a poetry unit one week in English class. After the first day of listening to him explain the symbolism of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven” to his classmates, Jeff, Darla, and I all looked at each other like, DAMN! I guess playing video games does make you smart!

So many landscape changes in Utah
Howdy from Jeff and Nonni inside the San Rafael Swell in Utah.
It’s basically Radiator Springs from CARS.
I mean REALLY! #nofilter

There’s not much to say after seeing all of this. And I have so many more pictures from Green River and other spots.

How are you handling your election anxiety, friend? About 80% of the people I know are threatening to move after the election — from both sides of the political spectrum. So, if you are looking for an investment opportunity, I suggest moving companies. !!

God bless America and pass the fried chicken.

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I make a mean martini; am often reading; and usually thinking about my relationships, my teenagers and how I’m probably messing them up.

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Shannon Driskill

Shannon Driskill

I make a mean martini; am often reading; and usually thinking about my relationships, my teenagers and how I’m probably messing them up.

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