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10.22.2020 Adopt a dog!

Shannon Driskill
3 min readApr 12, 2021
*not our RV

Marvin joins the family

Yesterday we found 2 year-old Marvin at the Best Friends Animal Rescue in Kanab, UT which is right above the grand canyon — right along our route! After meeting lots of adorable dogs at the 4,000 acre facility, we chose Marvin because he is a real people lover. His original owner got too sick to care for him anymore, which breaks my heart every time I think about it. Now he has a few extra pounds on him and he is used to getting his way. So he needs to lose a little weight and get back in shape, just like me and Jeff after using this trip as an excuse to enjoy unlimited Oreos and Ruffles. Marvin, you fit right in!

As of today, he is still pretty nervous and really, really loves to cuddle. Like, climb-his-72-pounds-into-your-lap cuddle.
Riding in a Winnebago is nerve-wracking for sure. I’ve been sitting on the floor with him while we drive because he’s not allowed up on the furniture. Evidently this is a new limitation in his life. But he is really smart (a blue heeler mix) and eager to please.

Darla got really sad today and expressed to me her concern for Marvin. “He’s not happy in this RV. He can’t sleep. He’s so nervous in here.”
I could tell she was genuinely concerned, and also projecting her feelings onto the dog. Just exactly like I am doing watching my kids live through covid. I didn’t cry with her right then. But I will be crying about this on my bike ride later.

Lee’s Ferry Campground in Arizona

Last night we boondocked (fancy RV term for camping) at the Lee Ferry campground right beside the roaring Colorado River. It was about 40° warmer than our previous nights’ stays in Bryce Canyon.
Marvin did great on our sunrise hike around this martian landscape. Darla and Zane slept through the hike in order to ready their brains for morning zoom-classes on the road.

Sunrise hike

We are currently parked outside of Petco in Flagstaff, Arizona (no photo needed) for them to finish class using the free WiFi.

Marvin is with Jeff, just outside the RV in his camp chair, smoking a cigar. It’s been 3½ years since we’ve had a dog and we are all so excited.

Approaching the Grand Canyon

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